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H2S Basic Course



H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) is an incredibly dangerous and toxic chemical. H2S safety training is paramount in protecting against the hazards and dangers associated with this toxic gas. This H2S safety training is designed to educate you on the chemical properties and charecteristics of H2S, what H2S is, Health effects of H2S, where H2S occurs, and H2S gas detection. This training is not for someone who works regularly in an environment where H2S is present. If you work in an environment where H2S may be present, see the H2S Awareness training course for H2S safety training applicable to your situation. This course provides a basic education on Hydrogen Sulfide, and regardless of your situation could save your life from the dangers of H2S gas.

This course is for

Anyone needing a better understanding of H2S gas and the dangers associated with this toxic chemical.



Continuing Education Units (CEUs)


Training Time

35 to 45 minutes

Training Format

Shock Wave Flash (SWF) (requires flash player plug-in)

Compatable Browsers


Google Chrome

Internet Explorer



User interactions



10 questions

Final exam

20 questions


Printable Certificate of Completion